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Fly By Dubai

This summer, on our way to Mauritus, my parents and I spent a few days exploring Dubai. Though it had never really been on our list, it seemed like an opportunity not to miss. With the possibility of 4 days staying at Dubai's famous Atlantis the Palm hotel before continuing onto Mauritius it seemed the perfect chance to see what we thought of the country...
Our holiday was booked with Virgin Holidays and we flew out with Emirates. The efficiency was insanely excellent and the flight was actually bearable despite being nearly 8 hours long. The food was fairly decent, there was great in flight entertainment and fortunately there were spare seats so we were able to spread out and sleep comfortably. 

Upon arriving in Dubai I was in awe of the grandeur and that was just the airport. The rest of the country certainly followed suit! The hotel was incredible, with an enormous lobby with an intricate statue and an aquarium wall. There were so many different restaurants to chose from, as w…

MMA Tour 1017 - Warsaw

In my second year at the University of York, I joined the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) team, with the hopes of improving the skills I'd learned doing kickboxing at school, get fit and meet new people. And fortunately all of these hopes came true, especially meeting new people. I have made such good friendships since joining the team, all of which were cemented on the clubs annual tour, which this year was to Warsaw, Poland.
It was an incredible experience and I would recommend getting a group of pals together and heading there

Day 1
So, on the 11th April 2017 at 9:37 am (just to be precise), I hopped on a train to get to Manchester airport. Though the airport was roughly 5 hours away from me, it seemed to be in the middle of everyone, so I had to put up with the travelling!
Pretty much everyone met at the Cafe Nero near the entrance of the airport, where one of our social secretaries, Meg, gave us fancy star sunglasses and leis. Once we were all kitted up and looking fabulous, we went…